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Juliano’s Pools is proud to announce they have ranked 29th in Pool and Spa News’ Top 50 Builders in North America and Canada for 2016.

Juliano’s Pools is proud to announce they have ranked 29th in Pool and Spa News’ Top 50 Builders in North America for 2016. This list consists of highly respectable pool builders from all across the United States and Canada. Each company is ranked based on a multitude of factors including, total construction revenue, training and support of staff, use of technology, reputation within the industry, and overall business excellence.

Juliano’s Pools is the only vinyl liner pool builders on the list in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and is proud to be a part of this highly anticipated competition. Making the Pool and Spa News Top 50 Builders list is a significant achievement, which not many companies can say they have.

“We’re honored to be featured in the Top 50 Builders of 2016,” said Brian Juliano, owner and CEO of Juliano’s Pools. “We work hard to provide quality custom pools and great friendly service for all of our customers.”

This is a photo of brian juliano with the top 50 pool builders award.

Fostering a strong sense of communication and dedication to quality allows the Juliano’s Pool team to design the best possible pool for customers. Brian’s passion for designing pools and his close relationship with clients have set him aside from the competitors and earned him a spot on this Top 50 List of 2016. Pool and Spa News has been making the Top 50 builders list since 2007. The builders on this list are regarded as the best in the nation. Collectively, the top 50 builders of 2016 generated a total of $910.5 million, as opposed to the 2014 builders who came to a total of $747 million.

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