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New Pool Filtrations Systems

Having an efficient filter is the best way to keep your pool’s water looking crystal clear and clean.

A poor filtration system will require more time and money to upkeep your pool when you should be enjoying the summer with family and friends. Choosing the right pool filter is important to prevent waterborne bacterial growth and keep your water from turning green because of algae.

Majestic Pools, with our location in Hudson NY, can install a new pool filtration system to your existing pool. Inground pool filters work along with your pool pump to purify water in cycles to keep the water moving.

There are three kinds of filters to choose from: sand, cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters. Each works differently in its own way, and our professionals can work with you to find the right filter for your inground pool.

Sand filters are made of metal, concrete, or fiberglass and have a bed of special-grade sand inside. When the water is filtered in, dirt and debris are caught in the sand particles. The newly filtered water then flows back into the pool. Cartridge filters have more surface area than sand filters, experience fewer clogs, and require easier maintenance. They operate at a lower pressure and are relatively inexpensive because you can simply rinse off your cartridge. DE filters have an extremely fine powder that is created by crushing the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms – a major group of algae. The powder coats a fabric-covered filter grid that extracts any dirt and debris from the water.

Majestic Pools’ team of professionals will help you choose the right filter for your inground pool and work with you through the installation process of your new filtration system.

Filtration System Maintenance

Whether you just had a new filtration system installed or have been using the same filtration system for years, it is important to have yearly maintenance done to ensure it is working properly. Having check-ups performed on your pool filter can prevent costly problems in the future. Majestic Pools and Spas will make maintenance visits to your home to evaluate your pool filter.

Minor or major repairs can be done on your pool filter if our team of professionals has diagnosed a problem that does not require a complete replacement. If a replacement is the only option, we will work with you to find the best filter and walk you through how it works step by step.

We will clean out the filter’s pipes by “backwashing” to remove any debris, including dirt, leaves, and hair. This will allow the filter’s pipes to be flushed out and keep running smoothly. We will also check to ensure all hoses and pipes are attached properly and repair any leaks or cracks we find. Making sure your pool filter is running smoothly can prevent future problems.

Majestic Pools will perform pool filter maintenance for you throughout the year so you can get the most use out of your inground pool.