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Is your pool outdated and in need of repairs or a complete redesign? When hiring Majestic Pools, we will renovate your old pool and create the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of! We invite you to sit down with our team and we will help you customize your current pool to fit your needs.

Investing in a pool renovation will save you money and time! Pool remodeling can be as cheap as half the cost of constructing a brand new pool. The renovation process with Majestic Pools is quick and easy, meaning you will be swimming in your “new” pool sooner! When you meet with a professional from Majestic, we can offer you many features that can take your pool to the next level. These include:

  • Color changing lighting.
  • Spillover spas.
  • Diving boards.
  • And more!

Remodeling or Renovating your Pool will:

  • Increase Home Value
  • Improve Pool Appearance
  • Lower Operating Costs

Why Consider Remodeling or Renovating your Pool?

Worn Out: If your pool liner, pool deck, or special features are becoming worn out and need repairs, it is the perfect time to renovate your pool.

Outdated System: When your pool was installed, the latest pumps and filters were likely used. Years have gone by and you may need a system overhaul to bring your pool up to the current standards and efficiencies.

New Design: Is your pool still in good condition but you’re in need of change? Rebuild your pool and add new features like a spillover spa, slide, lights, or water features.

The Majestic team will help to provide you with innovative design options for your pool remodeling project and provide the latest pool technologies. Watch your old, crumbling, unsafe pool turn into a beautiful modern backyard oasis for your family and friends right before your very eyes!

Contact Majestic Pools at (518) 822-1082 for more information on pool renovations!