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Why Majestic Pools

Specializing in Quality for Two Decades

Majestic Pools has earned the status of Legacy Edition Certified Pool Builder. Through careful attention to detail and a total commitment to excellence, Brian Juliano joins an elite class of pool builders.

The Certified Builder professes to provide the retail consumer with the highest level of quality and service. The pledge is to maintain the utmost of consumer confidence and to maintain a hold on being the most respected swimming pool dealer in the marketplace. Brian Juliano lives his credo everyday by building the best quality inground pools in the Northeast. His team of professionals will construct the entire job. “I refuse to use subcontractors. It’s not my nature to compromise construction,” states Brian proudly. A unique bond transcends the typical client/contractor relationship. Every customer becomes a part of the team from the initial design to precise execution.

About Majestic Pools

Brian’s belief is to build the best pool possible. This will insure trouble-free use, increase the property value and turn every backyard into a permanent vacation getaway. Brian has learned the swimming pool business from the “ground floor” up. He gained valuable experience working on a multitude of pool projects while attending Providence College. On days without class, Brian remembers leaving school at 4:00am to travel back to Connecticut to work on pools. In fact, he paid for his entire college tuition and expenses installing and servicing pools.

After graduation from Providence, he came to the realization that building pools would be a great vocation. “Why not develop my passion for creating beautiful pools as a vehicle for a meaningful career,” declares Brian. In his unusual preserving approach, he endeavored to start his own pool company. With the advice of his parents Bob and Marcia, one employee, his brother Jeff, Juliano’s Pools was founded. Success came early. In the first 6 months of operations, 12 pools were installed with 12 satisfied customers. The company has never looked back. Now Brian brings that same dedication to quality to Majestic Pools.

Legacy Edition Certified Pool Builder

Owner, Brian Juliano, dedicates himself to providing top-quality workmanship, fair prices, and exceptional customer service. The benefit was a tremendous customer referral base. Happy customers spread the word.

Brian Juliano and his team have been recognized as a Legacy Edition Certified Pool Builder!

This is a picture of Julianao's Pools being awarded the NESPA outstanding achievement award